Easter Bonnet Parade

As part of our Easter celebrations this term, we will be having an Easter Bonnet parade in Nursery.

This will be held on Thursday 29th March 2018. The children will wear their bonnets for our special parade!

We thought it would be fun for parents/carers to get involved in this with the children at home and therefore the children can choose whichever design they like. It can be a traditional bonnet or maybe a baseball cap.

.Easter bonnet

Dear Parents, this morning, we received a hoax email as did many other schools in the city.  As your child’s safety is our priority, the school community evacuated following police advice.  We were safe, happy and well in St Sebastian’s Church.  We used this opportunity to enjoy some singing/performing together.  Following a police update, we are now back in school – and Nursery, happy in our learning and looking forward to lunch.  Your children were a credit to you all!

Spring Newsletter

Newsletter spring 2018

World Book Day – Your Favourite Pyjames

Dear Parents / Guardians,

World Book Day takes place on Thursday 1st March 2018. As a School / Nursery, we will be celebrating this day with lots of fun themed activities. Our theme this year is ‘Bedtime Stories’ so we are asking that children come to Nursery dressed in their favourite pyjamas and bring with them their favourite bedtime story.

Letter for Parents / Carers

Monday 12th February 2018


Dear Parents / Carers,

We wish to inform you of some additions to our Health and Safety Procedures, which we will be practicing over the forthcoming weeks.  In addition to our regular Fire Drill Evacuation and Lockdown Procedure, we are now introducing a serious event evacuation for example:- (bomb/ threat / chemical leak).

In the event of a serious threat, the Nursery is to be evacuated and all children taken off the site, to a ‘Safe Place’. Our ‘Safe Place’ is going to be St Sebastian’s Presbytery in Lilley Road, directly opposite the main school site.

Staff will escort Children safely and calmly and the route will be subject to a Risk Assessment.

If on your Contact Form you have stated ‘You do not wish your child to go on local outings’, this serious Evacuation Procedure will over-ride this.

If you would like any further information please contact either Miss Nina or Miss Jackie these procedures are only in place for your children’s safety, whose wellbeing is paramount to us at The Field of Dreams.


Thank you for all your support. Please see letter below.

Serious Threat Evaucation


Early Years Mathematics Quallity Mark

The Field of Dreams Day Nursery will be taking part in the EYMQM. This has been developed to support practitioners in PVI settings to promote positive attitudes towards Numeracy.

Miss Suzanne and Miss Katie will be the Nursery’s advocates for mathematics. They will be supporting us through this successful award scheme. 

For our youngest children, Mathematics is embedded in everything that we do each day, through routines, stories and everyday experiences.

By supporting colleagues and families to recognise this, we can ensure children’s early experiences of Mathematics are positive, allowing them to develop a love for Mathematics whilst they play, learn and discover the world around them.

 Following an assessment visit, successful settings can be accredited with a bronze, silver or gold award.



Nursery Fees

Just a little reminder that if your Child is off Nursery, please note that fees are still to be paid in full.  This is in your contract form. Thank you. 

Sky Dive for Charity

On Saturday 26th May 2018, the Federation of St Cuthbert’s, St Sebastian’s and the Field of Dreams Nursery are taking on a huge challenge!

…11,000 feet to be exact!

22 members of our school community have decided to take part in a sky dive to raise money for an amazing local charity
“An Hour for Others.

For more information:- Please see below….Newsletter An Hour for Others Sky Dive 5th February 2018




Parent Share / 2Simple

Parent Share letter

Parental Engagement Made Simple

Parent Share is an additional package of “parent-oriented” features accessed by teachers via 2Build a Profile. It offers a quick, simple and effective way of proving “parental engagement” in the learning process.


And now, with the Family Observations module, parents can submit their own observations too!hands

For further information please see website:-