At the Field of Dreams we recognise that our Nursery, like the Community we are a part of is multi-racial, multi-lingual and multi faith. We believe that Parents, Carers, Children and Staff can work together to provide an environment where diversity can be valued and shared.

We recognise that bi-lingual and bi-dialect is a positive asset and a resource to be welcomed and valued. A child’s name is a crucial part of their identity and it is important that we use the child’s correct name and pronunciation. We also ask to be made aware of familiar words in the child’s home language which help the transition into Nursery run smoother.

We recognise that we are a multi faith Nursery and aim to acknowledge, share and celebrate various cultural and religious celebrations and festivals appropriate to our children. Dietary restrictions and preferences will be respected and staff aim to be open and aware of diverse eating styles habits and customs.

At Field of Dreams we recognise that we are a place of Sanctuary and to some of our families the only place they can look to for advice and support. We have helped families with problems such as interpreters, housing and legal advice with asylum applications. Or just introduced them to support groups at a local level which will help their introduction to our community run smoother.